VIP players all max All Stars?

sixdeucesixdeuce Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
Is there anyone who is VIP who didn’t hit all tiers of All star tickets? I know they say active in forums and groups and all but we know money is the largest factor. Just wondering if I’ll get VIP soon or if I HAVE to keep going on All Stars? I’m a purchase away from tier 9


  • joshiboy59joshiboy59 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    As soon as you reach tier 10 you pretty much instantly get vip
  • MoenPDCMoenPDC Registered Users, Member 615 Posts
     VIP is just the tip of the iceberg for All-Stars . It keeps going with non. Tiers to tens of thousands of dollars
  • ShoveItUpYoenis2ShoveItUpYoenis2 Registered Users, Member 952 Posts
    VIP threads already 

  • bobby12587bobby12587 Registered Users, Member 26 Posts
    Complete tier 10 and a new set of tiers will open. You will have your VIP.
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