Target Bash Strategy



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    Hit the ball in the target zone. Depending on how far you hit the ball, your hit streak increases.

    As far as I have gathered. HR over 550? give you a 20 point bump in hit streak. 450-549 (I think) gives you an 11 point bump. Barely over the wall HR give you 3-5 hit streak bump. (The distances I am not certain of, I assume if your hitters are strong enough, you can get a 30/40 point bump if you can hit over 650? But I havent hit that far yet.)
    Hits in target that aren't HR give you a 1 point bump.

    The distance of the HR x your hit streak is the points you get for that hit.

    Miss your target and the Hit Streak gets cut in half.

    At some point in your streak, if you go without missing, the shadow for the target disappears. You still get the arrow telling you which direction to hit and the Foul ball posts are still there. But the shadow is gone. Even further streaks and the arrow disappears and you need to hit by memory (its the same cycle over and over). If you miss, you get the shadow and arrow back etc.

    Anything I got wrong, correct me.
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    xracman said:
    Is there some place that explains the scoring in TB?

    Not much explanation for anything around these parts 🥴
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    @SheetFreak. Great job summarizing Target Bash. They only thing I will add is that when the targets disappear, you also must hit a homerun for the streak to continue. I've had many times where I got to opposite field with the target gone. I have a guy hit the target but not a homer and the bonus cuts in half and the target is back. 
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