Well that didn’t last long

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I played 19 for a good bit last year, got a great Gold squad and was a contributor for the forum club for the second half of the baseball season. Deleted the game when they implemented the club cooldown nonsense and made some other changes that I don’t even remember anymore but I know pissed me off.

I gave it a chance this year when I saw an ad for it a week ago, but WOH is impossible, I’m winning about 33% of my bonus games, I can’t keep a prime winning streak past like 4, and even season mode has just been crappy. Boxes suck, I don’t mind that all the players start off low or with no skills, there’s supposed to be a build up, but I got like 4 Mitch Hanigers today and a few Austin Nolas, can the boxes not have these crappy non-5 star players? Just dumb as hell.

So for the second time in 5 months, I’ve deleted this game. It’s honestly just not fun.
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