Thursday Slugfest Event.

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I am extremely upset and aggravated in what you are doing with this game this year. I've been playing since 2015 and hardly complain about how you handle this app... but I think today is the last straw for tap 20. As someone who enjoys slugfest and has been able to clear Royale slugfest (not easily mind you) every week since the start of tap 2019 what you did with your first slugfest event is a damn shame. You have made it impossible for a casual player or even a VIP player like myself to enjoy this game. Shame on you. I'm so upset over this. I was looking forward to this event when I noticed it popped up this morning because it is the ONLY aspect of this game that I've had a little success with... but how difficult you made level 5 is a crime and you should be ashamed of yourself! Please fix this and scale back the difficulty like you had it for Royale slugfest. I'm beyond upset. 
With so many people away from work and home now you have a huge opportunity to grow your brand and grow your customer base.  People miss baseball and you were supposed to be the answer to that.  Instead you decide to make a version of this game that is almost impossible to enjoy for the hardcore player never mind a brand new player.  You really need to rethink this strategy soon.


PS. Your "adjustment" did very little in terms of lowering the difficulty.


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