What are your current feelings about GLU and TSB 20?



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    LOVE IT: I love TSB and will continue to play and spend money
    dkarski87 said:
    O yea bud I agree with you. I was just goofing. 600 and 700g boxes for a 3s is a slap in the face. Especially as many have pointed out yon can pull them from 4k cash picks.
    1K cash pick
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    UPSET: I'm fed up with all the box scams, glitches and idiotic responses from CS
    Yeah I got you @dkarski87 I was just adding to it. 

    Now I got this fuckin clown. 

    "Will you wear a MAGA hat while you suffocate on my pork sword?" - @retirepujols
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    UPSET: I'm fed up with all the box scams, glitches and idiotic responses from CS
    Ruiz is a candidate for this year’s Joc. Got him 6 times. sorry...wrong thread. 
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    MAEH: I like the game, but wish they would fix some things
    MoenPDC said:
    woh needs to be adjusted . My team is about as good  as you possibly could Get now in gold with max upgrades. I was able to beat HOF yesterday for the crap reward with about 1000 in gold . Warmup wasn’t even a “ walk in the park” I cycled it a bunch for free but it wasn’t easy. I don’t know how middling gold teams are managing and forget about silver ( the game is less then a month old ) 

    the way teams are getting matched against each other needs to be adjusted. It is literally forcing people to have to jump tiers when they don’t want to or remotely aren’t ready if you ever want to win a tourney or BG. 

    no club cooldown is amazing, please keep it. 

    The changes to HR derby and slugfest a bad sluggers is a game changer . I spent all day doing HR derby’s today. Slugfest was extremely fun last thursday. It gives your club a second dimension, crappy players are now valuable ( at least crappy In 2019 ) and power is no longer a semi useless stat. 

    Clash being replaced with target bash , AGAIN amazing . 

    Letting our all star tickets carry over , big thank you!

    There are so many great changes to 2020 but the bottom line is that the games difficulty is off and if you aren’t a top tier team I can only imagine be how frustrating playing this game can be 
    1000% Agreed. I'm not going to complain about everything in '20 because I do like Target Bash and the situation with sluggers and having incentive to keep players for slugfest and HR Battles that I'd otherwise never use. But lets be serious, why even have the Slugfest during royale when the top level prize is a useless 3*? I would even take the impossible slugfest tower for Bote instead of that. It's like the reward is so bad they are trying to make people not want to play it, which makes no sense to me. I love HR battles and slugfest because it feels like I actually am applying skill.

    As for WOH, the payoff clearly does not reflect the difficulty. The only reason I went gold last week was specifically for WOH. I'm using pretty much all the best players available to this point, with 60/60 on the relevant upgrades, and still am struggling big time. Warm-up is even a pain. 

    My incentive playing this game isn't getting the best players from the boxes just to say I have them, its getting the best players so that I can see them make a difference in the game and get an advantage!! Not really seeing the payoff at the moment!
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