Feedback for Glu Management team.

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Simply put, your game design and development team is failing you. With one of the primary goals of this team being increasing player retention, the exact opposite is happening right now. Players are quitting in large numbers, frustrated that they are spending significant amounts of real money on boxes that fail to deliver content (3* players, counter reset on 4*), WOH difficulty (insanely hard and time consuming, for a reward not worth the effort), and a complete lack of communication that is inappropriate for a game that delivers the amount of revenue TSB does.

You have a large and dedicated customer base, one that you should listen to when everyone is struggling emotionally and financially. This is the best opportunity you could have to generate positivity and fun for many who a struggling to find ways to entertain and distract themselves during a global pandemic. Instead, they are being milked for their last dollar, with the only news articles being published announcing new and exciting ways for them to spend that money on “special offers” that frustrate them with long odds to receive anything useful. And even when they beat those odds, the rewards are not good enough to get past WOH, extra bases and other events that are costing them even more money to refresh after losing time and time again.

Anger. Resentment. Frustration. Apathy. Ask yourself if those are the emotions that generate player retention or not. Some real changes need to happen now, before it’s too late. There are too many other options out there to settle for this. As a 3 year VIP, I’m certainly not going to. And I’m not alone.


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    19 was better as far as keeping the customer engaged. I have spent more on 20 than I did in 19 and feel like I'm getting ripped off any time I pay for boxes. I just opened 6 boxes and got Dyson 4 times. WOH is an absolute joke. I won't spend any more money if it continues to feel like I'm flushing it down the toilet. I feel embarrassed that I spent enough to get to VIP. 
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