Weekend Field Pass Disaster

ScaryTerryScaryTerry Registered Users, Member 111 Posts
So just to put a final nail on this. You pay 20$ for a leveling discount, autoplay feature and some gold and boxes. The features you pay for completely disappear. They string you along,throw a compensation gift at you, and continue to say they are working to resolve the issue. The field pass never returns and when asked whats up they respond that you were given compensation and feel free to purchase the field pass in future. I know its just 20$, but something just feels dirty


  • xracmanxracman Registered Users, Member 666 Posts
    Not sure what happened with you, FIeld Pass worked fine for me all weekend.  There's no point tracker for milestones anymore, which they need to bring back, but leveling discount and autoplay was there all weekend.  I got 6 levels of awards almost immediatly after I paid, and the $19.99 showed back up for a little while, but discount and autoplay never went away.  Eventually the prompt changed to ACTIVE.  I kept getting milestone rewards up to 9,  Point Tracker would have been nice, because I know i didn't miss 10 by that much.

  • heels96heels96 Registered Users, Member 16 Posts
    It never worked for me either.
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