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I’ve noticed that sometimes when people are an equal rank, they show in a random order when choosing a batter for WOH. It would be cool if you could rank them based on skill level and pennant upgrade as well. That way my guy that I just got and maxed and gold lvl 10, but is only lvl 1 in skills doesn’t look like he has the same value as a guy that’s gold lvl 9, but maxed in skills. 


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    I have some opinions on this. Hopefully, others will point out where I am wrong.

    I think overall rating should be ignored. I only consider HIT/PWR/SPD and skills.
    I keep my WOH roster updated separate from the app and print out my decided-on batting order for each level whenever I play. When possible, this is all decided before WOH day. It's one thing to be able to beat WOH, but it is also important to be able to do it quickly and with not too much stress. It leaves time and energy to cycle more and gain more resources and have more fun.

    SPD is pretty useless. HIT is the most important number. If a player's SPD/overall is more than about 0.65, he maybe should never have been kept around and leveled up in the first place, because higher SPD means lower HIT + PWR for players of equal "max overall".

    A players' specific skills have a big impact on where to use them. Sometimes that gets weird. If, for example, your best hitter has "hot hitter / hot hitter" as his skills, he might be your closer on level 5 (since you begin down a few runs and any hit turns both skills on permanently), but in levels 1, 2 and 3, he might best be used early or not-at-all, since even at 1.10 and 2.10, the first hit usually wins it and his skills will never turn on. If you just look at overall, you might be closing with your 7th best lefty at 2.10 for example. You will still clear the early levels with a suboptimal order, but it will take more pitches, video reboots and having to go extra innings and will drain your time and energy. If you are auto-playing, you'll run into more freak losses and have to re-do more levels because you needlessly burned up your one video reboot that would have come in handy. I think if you use a video reboot, you can't use another one (even if it's in the next level) until 15 minutes have elapsed. Starting a late level with no video reboot available leads to wasted time and stress like when you hit into a double play on 5.9 and have no option for a video reboot, because you were using a suboptimal lineup a few minutes earlier and burned the reboot on 5.6 or 4.9.

    Also, not every round is harder than the previous round. Example: 4.6 Tanaka. You might want to use your best or second best lefty against him.
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    I believe in and love everything you just said. Lol. They’re introducing more game options which is great and fun, but this isn’t just roll out the best players anymore. There’s strategy to it that’s being ignored. I’d love if glu made a YouTube channel that talks starategy on some of their game modes. I hate having to come to the forums every week to get the woh lineup from someone that already cycled once. Glu should tell us so we can plan. It would make woh that much more interesting. Make the rewards all boxes and not guaranteed players, which they’ve kinda started, to help dumb down the rewards for running down the effort but increasing the interactive ness. 
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    Very good points and I'll pass off, thanks guys.  Do continue the discussion.
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