Daily Challenge time frame

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I play from PST and most days I can’t complete the daily challenge because any day specific task like WOH doesn’t start until I’m at work. If I don’t get a chance to play during my work day I get home and the daily challenge is the next days already because it’s window closes at 5PM my time?  Why wouldn’t the daily challenge start and end times be more in line with the event start and end times. 


  • [Glu Sports] blueleopard[Glu Sports] blueleopard Administrator, Moderators 525 Posts
    We operate on PST and typically align it when we know we have people at work as we don't typically have people watching our live operations outside of our working hours -- though there's plenty that do this regardless.  Most of the times we have in there are after various research and surveys we've done with anonymous and random surveys, which also plays a part. 

    I'll put this in my feedback report though. :)
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