I was bamboozled!!!

MillecorsMillecors Registered Users, Member 445 Posts
Usually I sandbag and win 90%+ of my Bash/CVC matches.  However today I just had to show up a club of jerkoffs, so sandbagging went out the window.  Then I see my final match up and figured I was golden..... yeah, no.  DAMN-IT!!!


  • MillecorsMillecors Registered Users, Member 445 Posts
    The Sandbagger has officially been sandbagged!
  • trojanman999trojanman999 Registered Users, Member 56 Posts
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    The guys in the top clubs all have these little solo clubs/leveling clubs, they usually don't use them except when they aren't getting event rewards - looks like you got matched with one
  • dkarski87dkarski87 Registered Users, Member 1,995 Posts
    Actually my club-mate, he pretty good at bash when the kids aren't around to bother him. Can't with them all
    "Oops we need to restart! Yeap that's 2019 for ya!"
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