An interesting diamond push

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I had been saving up and had planned to push next week, but the hot dog box encouraged me to push this week. Started with 1.2M BXP, 12M cash, 110K gold. The good news is I have a starting P capped, 3 bats capped, and 2 keeper bats capped. Bad news is I stopped getting credit for the PXP fan rewards and got soft jailed with all points and most importantly all club loyalty points reset (could really use that blue cash moving forward). Does anyone know how long that takes to get resolved?


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    Please tell how things go, I am platinum and want to go diamond but concerned about the ability to get enough resources as F2P (due to Glu's greed, I stopped spending earlier this year) - would probably cave and buy weekday fieldpass for the jump. How did you amass so much cash - do you have all your coaching upgrades? What are your pennants at? Are you concerned about being able to amass enough XP to level future players and prime players - and what is your plan for that? I don't know how any F2P could level diamond primes, obviously regular BXP can be obtained from tournament boxes.
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    I went without field pass. The only spending I did (and will do) this year was on the stadium investment (probably the cause of the jailing). Customer service was surprisingly fast in getting back to me. They sent me back the missing fan rewards but gave me the canned response regarding club jailing. Regarding resources up to this point, I only leveled the hitting upgrades to 80 and now to 84. All others were kept low. I focused pennants on my keepers. So others will take some time to catch up. I was very strict in who I leveled (only if they helped my club in the long term). I don't have any intention of capping primes until I can do so through WOH. To be honest, half of my hitters before then had been from WOH anyway. I was F2P diamond last year but didn't make the jump until January when resources were plentiful.
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    Well I just realized I’ve been jailed from CVC too. That’s a lot of boxes and duplicate XP I’m missing out on. Just super disappointing. I went from super excited about this perfect chance to diamond push to this ridiculous jailing all cause I’m not a big spender....
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