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Ok, I hate to just make a post, but I feel this is warranted for others as well. I have about 130k pxp and looking to do something with it (maybe). I obviously did not land Brantley. Question is do I wait for another prime player worth reasonably chasing or do I dump the pxp in say Keeper Brett and Wagners skills? I did get Verdugo , but I don’t like his skills for CvC and I just pulled Rojas and I feel the same about his skills.


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    Do you get FP?
    Personally with the 400's rolling i would wait for this weekend.  FP + .30 Discount.  I could be mistaken but I believe with the 50% it takes 137k pxp to level to P10.  That's what I have been doing.
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    Or dump it into keeper skills.  Brett will be relevant all year, Wagner not as much, but still useful.
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    Your only play is Brett right now.
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    edited July 2020

    its no secret that @retirepujols spent a considerable amount of time mentoring me in the ways of TSB.  Now, this has been sort of a closely held secret, but given the recent departure I think it’s only appropriate to share with the rest of the folks here.

    so the secret to effective PXP utilization come from a distinctly mathematical approach with players.  The key to this is to get it in to a spreadsheet.  Make sure this is sortable, by overall/Max ratings as well as.  It important that you note the date you pulled said player.  (The half life is going to become important down the road.). From there, we want to take your PXP bank and multiply it by 1.3 to get a true balance.  Now, one this is done, you’re going to take the True Balance and divide that up across the players you want to max, then subtract the half life from those totals.  Once that’s done...you want to take the total PXP balance...and cram it right up your own suckhole.  Get it way up there.  All the way.  Leave no corner Uncrammed.  Those tiny areas may seem inconsequential, but that’s where bacteria and poor RNG grows.

    its time consuming, but I think you’ll notice a big improvement in player performance during CVC and Prime/Bonus games if done properly 
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