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had a clubmate falsely, temporarily jailed tonight.  cost us a top ten finish.  cost him time, effort, resources and probably the last bit of patience he has with the overall ineptitude coming from the TSB collective.  if THAT didn't do it.…  CS saying they see nothing wrong with his account data or asking for screens surely has.  why is it so bloody difficult to find a competent human to engage with when it comes to CS?? perhaps the live team needs to be filtered into CS support tickets? i don't care about the placement finish, what i am more perturbed with is this has been going on for four years at random and it's always the customer who loses - points just whiped, resources, time, et al - GONE.  compensation for those effected - ZILCH.  here's a pop-up of overpriced virtual horse dung that'll cost even more to make relevant and useful that NOBODY WANTS popping up and then when you hit "X" it initiates a purchase rather than close!!…  merry eff you too!
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