The video boosts for CVC are broken

TheFullMonteTheFullMonte Registered Users, Member 1,124 Posts

It will not allow you to watch BOTH boost videos.  You can do one or the other, but when clicking on the second, you get the loading screen video and then reverts BACK to this screen, with the boost you attempted grayed out.  The only option is now gold.  

This is a hugely painful problem when trying to play CVC at a competitive level


  • iratepirateiratepirate Registered Users, Member 306 Posts
    Same here.
    This makes me wonder which is better if you fear you may get only one video.
    The X100 MULTIPLIER or the +30% HIT
    Any opinions?
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  • TheFullMonteTheFullMonte Registered Users, Member 1,124 Posts
    I suspect this is related to the memory leak issue that has caused problems ALL YEAR.  Delayed Swing issue, only occurs late in a WOH round.  Random crashes of the App....only late.  First boost always works....second, regardless of which is chosen.....fails out.
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