Chad didn’t fix bonus made it worse

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What the hell is up with the regular 5* guys Simmons & Goldy having 50k a hit when Olson who is better from box only has 40k ? Why Suarez only 30k , Franchise Lemon 40k and they beat both of them ?? Why are they boosted only for BG games ? Need to put Olson above them to fix this as no way ever have Reg 5 higher bonus than special edition . 
No idea why updated only Bonus Games if there is a problem , why aren’t the tournaments, prime , WoH 5* Reg all doubled up also ?? Why aren’t they boosted to only 35 so stay below special editions as Olson owners get shafted along with franchise & slugfest player owners. Seems very fishy and shady as hell . 

There is no good reason as glu has had bonus sets before with 3x players at one position yet no change to Reg 5* bonuses? 

Fix it : Put Olson above Simmons & Goldy in BG or put all 5* regulars at 50 bonus in every event then . Or make em 35 bonus no idea why they get a friggin whole double up to 50 from 25 out of the blue . What about players pulled Olsen & Goldy/Simmons then said ok Olsen better bonus turn in regular Goldy/Simmons ? Will odds be changed on boxes too that Goldy/Simmons better pulls than Olson for big BG event but easier to pull multiples from boxes of the regular 5* vs special edition ?? Seems half arse plan only for players trying to get extra points from 5* regulars that have rest bonus guys in bgs so max points and glu showing they are willing to go along with it. And 2 boxes is only compensation for 3 day event and changing bonus in the event with highest multiplier??? 
Come on Glu do better 
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