Bring back cooldown!



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    There are so many ways to fix this practice without hurting that overwhelming majority of TSB players.  Unfortunately, GLU lacks both creativity and competent coding.  So that throws a lot of options out the window.

    And L-O-F’ing-L at this being a “vote on Global” process.  GLU doesn’t give two flying sheets about your opinion on Cooldown.  You’re getting it regardless.  They did however get a bunch of idiots to bicker back and forth and drain an immense amount of gold from peoples accounts.  

    The horrific inconsistency here of course is the juxtaposition of this Cooldown shit against every other change made in 2020 that catered to Spoc’s “whales.”  But NOOOOOOWWWWW we care about the little guys, and the small clubs.  Sure.  Got it.  

    It never ceases to amaze me how stupid GLU assumes all their users are.  “This guy has the disposable income to drop 15k a year on a stupid mobile game.  No way he’s smart enough to see we’re attempting to eliminate every possible method of resource gathering that doesn’t require a credit card.  He’ll never see that coming.”
    @TheFullMonte you are absolutely spot on my friend! 
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