Gold tournaments

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I tripped on an old forum talking about "gold leagues," which seems to have been a tournament of about 8 teams. Players would manually play head to head and the winner of this tournament would win gold or some other prizes. 

This year guys have run similar tournaments on their own where the losers send the winners some gifts, but I would be more interested in an in game return of something along the lines of gold tournaments. Perhaps there's an entry fee of a few hundred gold like gold hr battles and the winner wins the pot. 

I'm not talking about a new event, or a one- off thing. I'm talking about something people can join and play whenever they so choose (like hr battles). Of course, this would be based off a teams tier. Bronze tournaments, silver tournaments, gold, platinum, and diamond where the cost and rewards would increase throughout the tiers.

Not related, but why aren't there any players in this weekend tourney boxes?? 
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    I have yet to see a player in any tournament boxes 
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