Just got 2 billion points stolen



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    whynot said:
    Is there still a permanent jail/ban or are all temporary?  In my cheating days once you were jailed you had to start over and it was no fun.  If they are only slapping you on the wrist then no wonder there is so much cheating.

    Maybe it’s time to reconsider my loosely formed ethics. 🤔🤔
    People still get hard jailed, and they're usually in the GG camp.
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    Similar thing happened to me. Pulled bench and Grich from the points frenzy boxes. Went from a total of zero points to over 30 mil is 3 minutes, enough for the top progress reward. Didn't play again. Checked my phone this morning and all points were gone and no rewards. Still no response from CS.

    Maybe getting lucky and pulling two decent guys is considered cheating...???  
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    This is the second time since Monday that I've been told this song and dance. It remains,  obviously, just as untrue as it was on Monday night. 

    I think the most obnoxious thing about the customer service of this game is just being treated like a total idiot who will believe any total boldfaced lie that can be easily verified by the player. I have never encountered an organization before where customer service representatives will literally just tell you anything to get you off their back to the extent of this company. 

    I have worked in customer service in college and if I had been caught just brazenly lying to a customer ("yes, your package shipped days ago Mrs. Jones!" *now go away*) it would have been a fireable offense. 
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