keeper or my legend?

CP31CP31 Registered Users, Member 44 Posts
Looking for some advice please....just went gold and contemplating if i should upgrade my keepers or My Legend first....the keepers are cheaper to upgrade except for their skills but i am leaning towards concentrating on my legend as he is double skilled and higher rated then my keepers....thoughts?


  • BigpredfanBigpredfan New Member Registered Users 2,978 Posts
    When I move up, I always look at the players I have who can fill the gap until I’ve leveled up ML/keepers to make my decision. Right now, if I moved up I would choose ML, because his replacement is a regular 4-star player while keepers I have better options at those positions. 
  • judgesmails1judgesmails1 Registered Users, Member 114 Posts
    Depends on title options at those positions 
  • JTANDMEJTANDME Registered Users, Member 624 Posts
    I would question what the value in keepers/ml is at all this season. Mine have already faded to line 2 of both WOH and Slugfest capped at silver. It's kinda stupid based on how much you gotta spend for em
  • TrojanKi7TrojanKi7 Registered Users, Member 22 Posts
    Exactly; after gold level I basically never use them often; cheaper options are available
  • JCAM80JCAM80 Registered Users, Member 597 Posts
    My Legend capped is the best Slugger in the game by quite a margin if you chose the right starting attributes. 
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