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I have an iphone 6.  I have been able to play TSB '18 and TSB '19 on this phone.  Using the same phone I'm not able to play any games on TSB '20, only WOH and Clash/CVC, no actual games.  Everytime I try to open a game the app crashes.  Has happened ever since day 1 of TSB '20.  I am unable to get past the rookie playoffs because even though I was able to play the first 3 games on opening day, I am unable to play the Rookie Playoff game, the app crashes everytime I load a game, same thing happens with a bonus game, and a tournament game.

Contacting CS over the last days first I was told the app requires 1GB of Ram to play, when I told them my phone has 1GB of Ram they then told me the app requires 2GB of Ram to play. 

Is anyone else having this problem?  CS seems unable to fix this.


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    I have a club holder that's on a 6+(1gb of ram) and it works fine. Sorry to hear, but I just wanted to confirm that 1gb is sufficient.
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    That seems to be the new CS standard response to any issue. Insisted my issue with Franchise OF not playing (of course was because same position as ML but I didn’t know that at the time) was device RAM. 
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    At least they are not blaming it on your wifi. New year new excuse.
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    Luckily my games only freeze during pitches. No wait - that's bad.
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    I played 19 on an iPhone 6 and had crashing issues.  I upgraded to an iphonex and it runs smoothly.  I still use the 6 as a holder but that is all it is good for, it still crashes and is sooo slow!!
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    Same issue and same response I got for my iPhone6. Team is in limbo until it’s fixed...
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    My iPad Air is pretty dicey at times. Might be last year for this device. 
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    My iPhone 6 crashes constantly for 19 and 20 but my iPhone 6s and 6s plus work perfectly fine.
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