Bonus Game algorithm

mpimen007mpimen007 Registered Users, Member 24 Posts
So I'm trying to move my team up to gold and I have two tiers of silver left to clear... the problem is I am not winning enough games to continue my progress. This is ridiculous! Why am I facing all gold teams if I'm not even there yet? This gives you an unfair advantage and keeps me stuck in silver... which I know you don't want me to do. When will you fix your algorithm and open this up to new teams like you said you would in your news section? Since moving to silver I have never faced a bronze team but I keep losing to gold teams. This game is not fun anymore. At this rate in order to win 40 bonus games to advance to the new tier, I will need to play 300 of them since I'm usually winning 1 out of 8 bonus games now. Please fix this game. 



  • JuluoDeFolioJuluoDeFolio Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    I'm like that with bronze. I'm winning close to 5% of bonus games. Playing all silver teams and getting crushed. 
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