These Boxes are Awful

TXAG17TXAG17 Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
Take a guess at how many 5 stars I’ve pulled in 40+ Special K boxes chasing Verlander. First one to get it right gets a cookie


  • JPro2992JPro2992 Registered Users, Member 49 Posts
  • BigpredfanBigpredfan New Member Registered Users 2,972 Posts
    Well I got the 3B and the 320 Verlander in under 10 boxes 
  • TXAG17TXAG17 Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    @Bigpredfan I wish I was that lucky
  • TXAG17TXAG17 Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    JPro2992 said:
    I wish it was that many lol
  • FrankTheTank04FrankTheTank04 Registered Users, Member 780 Posts
    Wait!!!... what kind of cookie?
  • TXAG17TXAG17 Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    Wait!!!... what kind of cookie?
    Anything your heart desires
  • retirepujolsretirepujols Registered Users, Member 3,637 Posts
    I'll guess you pulled half of a 5 star?
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  • ShoveItUpYoenis2ShoveItUpYoenis2 Registered Users, Member 952 Posts
    The title is misleading. The box is a dong but the odds are a vagina. 
  • sucios08sucios08 Registered Users, Member 124 Posts
    i open over 40 boxes combine and all i have to show for is 4.5star player not one 5 star this is BS
  • RippersRippers Registered Users, Member 222 Posts
    With the odds under 1% I'm not buying any.
  • SheetFreakSheetFreak Registered Users, Member 89 Posts
    Previous weeks I had brutal luck. I spent over 20,000 gold trying to get Musgrove earlier this week. Blew my gold reserves on that one. I saw a good pitcher and got goofy.
    This weekend I was planning on playing it safe and got stupid lucky.

    This weekend I got Foil Verlander AND Foil Mookie in a total of 14 boxes (10 @ 250 gold and then the fan rewards 1 @ 250 and 3 @ 500).
    The percentages and amount of people playing/pulling boxes is going to make things seemed skewed. It's the same reason online poker is weird. The odds of crazy bad beats etc seem so small, but when you have 100's and 1000's of hands being played, boxes being pulled every few minutes. Some people are going to have some very bad runs, others are going to have crazy good luck.

    It comes and goes.
  • toddgurley30toddgurley30 Registered Users, Member 94 Posts
    My answer is zero
  • 4orty4orty4orty4orty Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    Was happy to see the boxes, pulling David Dahl 7 times is less than exciting. 
  • MattattackMattattack New Member Registered Users 1,490 Posts
    Well I got the 3B and the 320 Verlander in under 10 boxes 
  • Scioscia_FanScioscia_Fan Registered Users, Member 256 Posts
    I'm up to 19 Drop a Line boxes and have only hit 4.5* Dahl x2. Only XP from whatever free Special K's we've gotten from Fan reward and Glu.
    Boxes are trash.
  • CleanupcrewCleanupcrew Registered Users, Member 96 Posts
    I won't deny some of these complaints are legit, last season was rough for me until I hit past gold then I started getting Legends and was no longer pissed about 50 boxes with no real hits. 

    This season is a little different, but Glu has also atoned on some of their errors in-game by sending more boxes that honestly have been hits mostly. So at least they're trying. It is and will remain a game that's pay to play... More gold you spend, more 'luck'. I know that sucks to hear lol
    T. R. N. ~ Cleanupcrew 
  • RookieTapperRookieTapper Registered Users, Member 157 Posts
    24 Drop a line boxes, pulled Dahl both times on the pity timer. My luck hasn’t been here this year. 
  • MoenPDCMoenPDC Registered Users, Member 615 Posts
    I spent probably 70-80k on chasing foil verlander and nothing . Last weekend I got foil bogarts on my free field pass box, same with foil alonso ( though he’s trash now outside of slugfest ) 

    there seems to be no in the middle with getting these players . Makes you wonder 

    I did get sogard ( who is AMAZING ) and a 320 verlander so all in all not a horrible weekend
  • likenightlikenight Registered Users, Member 426 Posts
    Yeah love the gifts but all I ending up with this weekend was Dahl and Gordon. Both 4.5
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