Is it too late to switch a player?

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My 4.5 star left fielder is Platinum I level, overall 168, max overall 280, pennant team bonus 22%. I just picked up a 5 star left fielder, overall 95, but max overall 345. Should I trade the 4.5 star Platinum I player in, and build up the 5 star player, or not? Thanks 


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    It all depends.
    Is it a favourite player of yours? Have fun, play the game. Level them up.

    If you still have 4.5 star players and you have gone platinum already. You're in for a grind. You made that jump too early. But it's FAR from impossible to fix. It will take time and patience. but the game is far from ruined for you.

    You have to remember. This "season" has only been going on for 3ish months. If you plan on playing until the next TSB is released, you have TONS of time to recover.

    But if you're looking at the black and white min/max concept. There is no way a 4.5 star player on your team should be levelled past silver MAYBE gold. There are way too many 5 star players that will come and go.
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