Additional BXP From Player Repulls

AirAssaultAirAssault Registered Users, Member 103 Posts

This has been brought up in the past (which is why I started paying attention), but it just happened again where I didn't receive all of the additional BXP I was supposed to get from repulling a player. I checked how much XP I had before opening a box, happened to get a repull, and sure enough it was 800xp less than what it should of been. I don't really care about losing out on 800xp, it's not a big deal, but what bothers me is idea that this has been happening to a lot more people than just me for a long time and in total it's added up to hundreds of thousands of lost XP by now.  I'm not saying GLU does this on purpose, because honestly I have no idea, but despite this company's sterling reputation of honesty and integrity I would be curious to know if this is happening to other people as well? Just something to pay attention to in the future....


  • dustyhunksdustyhunks Registered Users, Member 1,672 Posts
    If its a capped player you will get the level before whatever tier you're in @10. So your trade-in value for the capped player will always be more than what you get in duplicate pull which would be, for example in diamond, d9. Not d10 trade-in value.
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    @dustyhunks He’s posted about this before and that’s not exactly what he’s writing about. For example, if you repull a player and on the repull screen it says you’ve earned an additional 12,800 XP. Then when you go to your improve player screen, only 12,000 was added to your total. The last time you posted about this @AirAssault, I think it was last Royale so I tried it when I got the Hiura box. The XP from the repull was the exact amount added to my XP total, so I did not experience this myself. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’ve just never experienced it that I know of. 
  • AirAssaultAirAssault Registered Users, Member 103 Posts
    @navyjack77, yeah there have been times I've gotten the correct amount as fact, I just got another repull and the additional XP was correct.  I just remember someone posting screen shots of before and after where it didn't add up correctly (which is what I'll try to remember to do next time), but since I've started paying attention it's only happened a couple of times. 
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    This is a glitch for me, but only when the player is being repulled from b10-s1, s10-g1... etc. glu has done nothing about it because they are too useless.
    I haven't checked it in a while, but that is when I was getting less than I should have, as well.  I was also getting slightly more than the stated amount when pulling a player that was already capped.
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