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The Dinger mode is the most frustrating  event ever created.  Does it even matter  which batter you use?  Has anyone  figured out how to consistently  hit those damn targets??? It seems random


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    I suggest a dark ale batter personally, crisps nicely

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    I usually land 1-5 today I got 2 in the jackpot. I don’t think it’s random.. it’s just hard. I have gotten better but going 5-5 will probably never be a reality for me nor do I think they glu intended it to be that way. If it weren’t challenging it wouldn’t be fun nor do they want it to be a consistent source of gold for anyone. I think it’s just a fun addition that requires skill but probably more luck. I use a lefty for right field targets and R for left field. Good luck 🍀 
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    I hit the dinger jackpot six times tonight (3x in two tickets, one busted ticket). Never done that well before. I’ll take that 900g all day. 

    It’s not random but it’s super hard. I’ve had more luck with prime batters, as you’d expect. 
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    I hit twice in 1 entry today, but I am pretty consistent going 1-5.
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    I use a lower level player out of my selections, and dump the ball the other way into the red zone. I don't aim for yellow, but I've hit it many times.

    I usually get at least 2 in the red. I hit 4 of 5 in the red several times. Best so far was 3-5 in yellow before I started my red strategy.

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    Used Mondesi and hit 4 today...no clue.

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    Maybe it is actually more like other modes... rigged.

    Good thing I can take half the week off. Never gonna play prime sprint, it's so pointless and i wont be able to get discount either way..
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    Today I decided to go with P10 Bote.
    Then P10 Bote decided to go 0 for 5.
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    As long as the rewards are the way they are now, I will only play 1 entry/day.  If they go back to boxes for rewards, I would probably be willing to play more.

    Edit: That difference of winning 150, or saving the price of even the 250 box, would be a big incentive for me.
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    There was a time it wasn’t registering HRs through the zone. I emailed customer service and they told me it was working, despite my experience. Others saw the same thing. However, I have noticed since that first week that it’s registering as it should. I also noticed that move the jackpot target is slightly angled now, which I figured was to correct the previous problem they said didn’t exist. 

    It is hard, but as long as it works, I’m ok with the difficulty. I do wish it was different. I think the targets should go all the way out into the HR area. So wherever it goes out, that’s the zone you get credit for. You can’t bounce one through the infield zone, so why is that even a thing? Just extended the zones, and maybe they shrink them some so it’s not the whole side like it is in the infield. Then all the players that blow it out will get a reward based on the zone.
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