Those were the days.....

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I fondly recall the good old days a few weeks back when my OF was Betts, Yelich, Soto, Bellinger and Acuna.  Now it's Teoscar, Senzel, Engel and a 28 year old 1000x bonus player with a career .525 OPS.   


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    I had to google Kyle Higashoika, never heard of him before.  Dude was drafted in 2008 but only has 146 career at bats.  At least his first 3 hits in the majors were all home runs, thats kinda cool I guess. 

    *Edit- never mind, that was after starting off 0-22, the longest hitless streak to start a Yankee career of any position player in team history.  So...not cool. 
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    I know it's just an avatar for the code assigned to the "player" but i suspect, subconciously, it would feel less like a money grab if there were a few more "stars" or  top prospects in the bonus roles.
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    If they only used the top stars and top prospects, they would run out of players too soon and wouldn’t be able to release new boxes every two days.
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