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why do i think bonus event will be fixed every week? I have a fully upgraded team with all current players pennats are maxed upgrades maxed with all my player bonuses to at least 5 and in silver 5 but my win % is about .03 i pkay mostly platinum players?!?!? Wtf i know they trying to let all players play depending on team str they say they trying to balance it out but my god why even buy boxes or bundels on bonus day they want everyone to diamond so they will spend more cash


  • drsmartassphddrsmartassphd Registered Users, Member 2,804 Posts
    Oh, is today bonus game day? I only do that during Royale. LOL

    Yes, we are aware of the game having crashing issues in the middle of WoH, but we can't compensate you for the gold you lost at this time. This is done on a case by case basis. - TSB Customer Service

  • Tdub71Tdub71 Registered Users, Member 1,876 Posts
     they want everyone to diamond so they will spend more cash

  • likenightlikenight Registered Users, Member 471 Posts
    Yeah, I’m 1-44 today. 
    After pulling Beatty (batting .224) in both my pity boxes (couldnt pull anything else), I’m out. 
  • Tdub71Tdub71 Registered Users, Member 1,876 Posts
    The moral of the story: if you are going to hang out in any tier below platinum, take BG day off.

    FWIW, I am in gold, and I win about 20% on BG day, and can't complete a tourney for shit.  You have to accept that as the trade-off for the cheap leveling of players.
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    That's what forced me out of bronze, silver and gold. In 2019, I had a really weak diamond team most of the year, but I could win BGs and tourneys at a high rate. I don't know if that works in 2020 though.
    Keepers: Ruth/Posada/Paige. ML is SS (RHP/RHP) - I went Platinum June 17
  • RippersRippers Registered Users, Member 330 Posts
    I'm in Gold after playing most of last year in Diamond. I play 5 BGs and 4 Tourney games Mon-Fri for the challenge reward. I probably win 50%. I don't need to buy Field Pass or boxes every two days to compete. If you're Club is not strong enough to finish in the top 5 or maybe 10 it's just not worth it. I still beat WOH  but stop at 3 cycles. Sprint, Season, TB, and CVC are very winnable. My goal this year was to spend less time and money. So far, so good. 
  • spoc84spoc84 Registered Users, Member 202 Posts
    The game is designed to be played at diamond.

    I know that's not a popular opinion, but if you aren't diamond Glu hates you.

    But having said that, if you grind then diamond is the place to be. You don't need to spend much. My buddy is like 59 in the world rankings and probably spends 10 times less money than me.

    If you spend a little but have time to play. I never understood why guys say they are being forced up. Glu is doing you a favour by making you leave sandbag zone of gold and below.
  • Tdub71Tdub71 Registered Users, Member 1,876 Posts
    I agree on all counts.  I was a moderate spender last year, but the disposable income started to wither.  Decided to commit to true F2P on 1/1/20, and jumped from gold to D6 quickly.  Left upgrades at 60, and spent ally cash on tourneys and leveling.  I had a lousy diamond team (relatively), but still was able to grind cycles easily, and had fun again.

    Staying full F2P again so far (still have ads), and the game is stale for me in gold.  I will probably go straight to diamond again by 8/1, if I can grind up enough bxp and cash by Royale weekend in 2 weeks.

    Diamond is doable at F2P for sure, but only if you are willing to grind your face off.  If you don't like the grind, open your purse, baby...
  • RodFarvaRodFarva Registered Users, Member 110 Posts
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    Tdub71 said:
    Diamond is doable at F2P for sure, but only if you are willing to grind your face off.  If you don't like the grind, open your purse, baby...
    Agree completely. I’ll add that if you aren’t much concerned with club points, it’s pretty damn easy in diamond. You can be super selective about what boxes you chase and you can wait on WoH and luck for most of your team improvements. 

    Getting there is much harder than staying there. Once you have a lineup full of hitters and your SP’s capped at D10, you could literally coast for weeks and not really feel it. It’s only expensive if you want the shiny new players. 
  • SandlotGuruSandlotGuru Registered Users, Member 269 Posts
    @RodFarva - you just perfectly described my approach.  Rather than spending a ton of money like I did last year, I've become a grinder and am having a lot of fun with it.  I've spent very little this year and have a solid, but not amazing squad of D10 guys.  I've tried to be more intentional in buying fieldpass (nothing else), only pulling the trigger when I have a specific goal in mind (jumping to diamond, capping keepers, etc.).  This has meant that I'll have no chance of capping a prime outside of WOH, but I'm cool with that.  There are a lot of different ways to enjoy this game.        
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