How do YOU get PXP?

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It is blowing my mind how little opportunity for pxp is righ now.  I see teams with all prime players to date and capped at D10.  No way they're getting that much from those putrid 300 gold boxes with 50% eco.

I need to know, what's your secret? Do you just purchase it? I honestly don't get it.


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    Purchase it. That’s really the only way to get it right now. The other Avenue is to level them as high as you can and just keep pulling boxes. Really that’s it. You either have to be spending a lot of grinding a lot for gold at diamond level. 
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    Of course they throw their money at glu, it's the only way.  So sad.
    Just no.  
  • JEDDDOGGYJEDDDOGGY Registered Users, Member 2,459 Posts
    Yeah you gotta buy $pecial$$$$ to get any meaningful amount of prime xp. You used to be able to build a team by grinding xp in years past. Thats no more.
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    Purchase. But a lot of guys throwing primes around at diamond 10 were part of the glitch crew. A large proportion of the top players cheat. The glitch required spending money, do it's not for free. But it was way cheaper than the market rate of pxp. Also they didn't take guys back you already leveled with the glitch, just the pxp in stockpile reserve.

    Also helps that this year the trade in/repull value of pxp is higher than bxp. So if you are spending 100k gold on a weekend like a log of guys, then a guy like Mancini you don't need go spend as much pxp on and what you have spent you'll get back in repulls.

    Because the market has been flooded with pxp, I expect it'll stay harder to get for longer.
  • samthemansamtheman Registered Users, Member 686 Posts
    Well at least there’s PXP boxes in the gold box menu now. So you can trade gold directly for PXP if you don’t want to reach into your wallet.
  • trojanman999trojanman999 Registered Users, Member 371 Posts
    samtheman said:
    Well at least there’s PXP boxes in the gold box menu now. So you can trade gold directly for PXP if you don’t want to reach into your wallet.
    yea great odds on those - 300 gold for 500-700 pxp (75% chance)
  • ShoveItUpYoenis2ShoveItUpYoenis2 Registered Users, Member 952 Posts
    What do you mean little opportunity? They have multiple specials every day. Stop being a cheap ass and open your wallet. You want a capped prime that will be useless in 3 days? Give Glu $600 and they can make your dreams come true playa 
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    All these medium spenders need to get the cheats...stop spending real money... save your primes for the next cheat glitch...they can’t unlevel players only skills past pxp...@blueleapord gave me 26k pxp for revealing a glitch that was outdated...then he slowly unzipped my pants and unleashed a cockmeat  sandwhich that would rival any in the balsamic vinegar thread....needless to say I now have 100% off leveling field pass.. thanks @ milcors
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    samtheman said:
    Well at least there’s PXP boxes in the gold box menu now. So you can trade gold directly for PXP if you don’t want to reach into your wallet.
    yea great odds on those - 300 gold for 500-700 pxp (75% chance)
    Better than last time they had a “cameo” at 500 gold for the same boxes.  I gladly dropped 30k gold on them today, since it reset at 5 PM PST, after I had already bought my first 50.  From those 100 boxes I got 78k pxp, plus another 28k from fan rewards (tiers and pulls from reward boxes).  So 106k pxp for 30k gold, which enabled me to get keeper Cabrera’s skills to 12/12.  Needless to say he raked in WoH today and I happened to already have my pxp jackpot counter at 5/6.  On, my 5th cycle, I got an additional 14k pxp.  Add it all up and I really got 120k pxp for 30k gold (300 gold per 1200 pxp).  That may not seem like it’s worth the gold to some on here, but how many of those same people consistently blow through at least half of that gold amount (sometimes way more) trying to get certain prime players, which we all know is not close to a guarantee they’ll even obtain said player.  Even if they do, THEN they need all that pxp to level the player, thereafter.  So now I have an excellent WoH closer, when they just changed the pitchers, so he’ll be super valuable for some time, especially when the keepers get their next bump.  Meanwhile, those prime players will be obsolete in the not too far off future, despite the crazy amount of pxp they take to cap, not including their skills.

    My point is, it’s all about resource allocation and the 300 gold pxp boxes were one of the better things, value wise, to be available so far this year.  I also still have 57k pxp, so if they become available again soon, I’ll buy another 50 or 100 and take keeper Brett’s skills to 12/12.  Then I have a WoH closer from each side, for quite some time — that will not require any more resources, until lxp is released.  At that point, I’ll have the same strategy.  Yes, to cap keepers and their skills, costs a ton of cash, all forms of xp, and gold — but they are easily the best value on the game.  Anyone is wise to use the pxp and lxp this way first, then of you have the resources to do so, work on current primes.

  • trojanman999trojanman999 Registered Users, Member 371 Posts
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    its funny because I have the same plan for my keeper and legend - but I have been able to accumulate 250k pxp without buying it in these boxes with bad odds or spending any cash - just gold on weekend boxes (roughly 22.5k gold per weekend - all saved from double gold weekends), winning every single CVC match there is, and trading in the primes I do pull.
    For the gold value, I just don't think these boxes are that great - you are almost at a 1:1.5 ratio of gold to PXP (if you recall, they will hopefully have Mega/Colossal PXP boxes with the minimum of 2000 PXP for 500 gold eventually - and much better odds at even more PXP).
  • More2Most2FirstMore2Most2First Registered Users, Member 777 Posts
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    I only have 57k pxp because I originally intended to stay at Gold Tier this year.  As such, I went nuts on the primes when they first came out, thinking it didn’t matter because I would be at Gold.  That was definitely a mistake on my part, as if I hadn’t done that — instead saving the pxp — and going to Diamond around that time, I would be sitting on somewhere between 450k-500k pxp.  If I would have gone Diamond sooner than that, I’d have even more.

    I do agree that they are not good value when compared to the mega and colossal pxp boxes.  However, those don’t help me level my keepers’ skills right now (which will be crucial for WoH now and in the foreseeable future, especially if primes become the WoH reward soon, as I won’t have any primes to attempt it with) and based on the extreme pinching of xp/pxp this year, I don’t expect those boxes any time soon. (Hope I’m wrong though 🤞)  Also, by the time those boxes do become available, I will have more than recouped the gold via D6 cycles, allowing me to buy up as many as I can at that time.  I did have a gold stack of 250k+ too, and I wouldn’t recommend someone doing it, if they don’t have a nice stack and/or a way of easily recouping the spending.  The only other current alternative is to buy specials with good amounts of pxp, but I’d rather spend 30k gold for 120k pxp, than buy even the best of deals that have been available — like the $69.99 one today— for 10k gold and 80k or so pxp.

    The main reason I posted was to explain my opinion on the relative value of those boxes today, which I think was high, when compared with the options we’ve been presented to date.  I also know that I’m not a full blown expert at this game and hoped it would spark some responses to give additional perspectives, strategies, etc. — as there are many ways to go about building resources — some of which I’m likely unaware of.  Your response is hopefully the first of more to come.  This is type of constructive discussion I like to see on here.  Not all of the BS that’s been going on in here lately, lol.

    So, thank you for your response.  I appreciate your perspective and it does give me even more to think about. 👊
  • BearmeatBearmeat Registered Users, Member 576 Posts
    Did you not try using the PXP glitch?
  • More2Most2FirstMore2Most2First Registered Users, Member 777 Posts
    I need some advice!!!

    As of right now, I'm sitting on 210k pxp and I'm not really sure what the best course of action is with my pxp. I am currently split between these four options:
    • save for my diamond jump (600k+) and drop my pxp to cap a good woh prime at d10 in a .3 discount club. by far my least realistic option, as another 400k is going to take a while to accumulate.
    • drop all of it right now into keeper bench, and take his skills to 12/12 (i also have keeper gonzo, but given the recent influx of lefty pitchers in woh, it'd probably be smarter to drop my pxp on bench's skills). if i do make a diamond jump, it will probably be a week or two before I get bench capped.
    • drop all of it into keeper bench whenever the keepers finally get bumped. this may be a slightly safer play since we don't know when our keepers will be bumped
    • give up on planning a diamond jump, and level a prime directly to p10 this/next weekend.
    i'm open to any opinions, and it will definitely be appreciated.
    edit im strongly leaning towards dropping it now because bench is getting [email protected] by price
    If you truly need Bench now for WoH, I would level his skills now.  Otherwise, I would wait for the keeper bump, then level his skills if you need him for WoH at that point.  If it’s still not a must by then, you might have enough pxp to cap a prime at Diamond, if you’ve made the jump.

    In summary, don’t use the pxp, unless it’s truly worth it at that time and for at least a little while.  I recently took my keepers skills from 10/10 to 12/12 each (Brett and Cabrera), but only because I have no interest in leveling any primes, until there are primes for WoH rewards.  Plus, I’m already at Diamond...even then it was painful to watch 252k pxp disappear from my 40% discount.
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