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I want to know why we cant ust the “american flag” emoji anymore on the game? They wont let us use any flag representing a country. Anyone in the world should be proud of the country they live and be able to represent that with their flag. Glu just recently stopped the use of the flag. Wtf... freedom if speech here in the United states and nothing racist or anything about the american flag!!!!!! 


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    It’s now racist to be a proud American...this country is taking the Glu model and running with it. Hey if Glu can continue to bend us over and people continue to hand over money, why wouldn’t the gov’t mimic this and do the same.  
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    Who cares. 
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    Who cares. 

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    Based on GLU's location, my Spoc84 stereotyping abilities would tell me they hate you if you love your country. It is a sad state of affairs, but that is where we are now in America. Another reason I will never vote Democrat again for the rest of my life. I'm partially to blame for this current trend.

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