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I know Chad said to put in global chat, but wanted to reiterate here. 

The store should have a “swap meet”. A place where you can trade anything (energy drinks, draft picks, ice wraps) for anything (pxp, bonus games, franchise coins, etc). 

This way, GLU doesn’t need to figure out some other means of currency for franchise players. Keep it to coins, but now one player could be one coin, and another could be 7. Because now the market around coins just evolved and there’s potentially more out there.

Players could trade less desirable items like picks and drinks for pennants and pxp. Coins and bonus games value would change. Make bonus games worth 10x during a royale, and watch people trade everything they have in for more games. Or a player with a 250,000 bonus but costs 10 franchise coins. 

Basically, with this open market, GLU doesn’t have to worry as much about making daily boxes and challenges and things “worth it.”  People can trade in whatever they get for what they want. Setting up the market would be difficult (how many energy drinks would equal 1000 pxp? 10? 25?), but once established, I think this would help find a Balance between “fairness” to players and profit to GLU. 


  • MulderkenMulderken Registered Users, Member 173 Posts
    Get rid of them period along with the franchise coins 
  • BlackAngelBlackAngel Registered Users, Member 54 Posts
    Don't get rid of them, they actually have high value. Think about it. 1 energy drink cost 30 gold in the store. So 10 energy drinks gets you a Prime XP Improve Box. You have a 50% chance to get pxp. The median value of pxp in the box is 1500, so a 50% chance of 1500, we'll call 750.

    30 energy drinks should land you 750 pxp.

    This is the sort of math that GLU would have to do to make sure the system is fair and matches the current values they've given things. Drinks are dumb, and never should have cost so much gold. That's GLU's fault. But that's the economy system they've developed. I would love to trade in all 818 energy drinks for 20,250 pxp. That's for sure.

    3 first round draft picks traded in for 750pxp.
    1 #1 pick traded in for 750pxp.

    Or trade those in for 2500xp. (median value for a regular improve box)

    Or trade in 4 energy drinks for 3 bonus games. Or 16 energy drinks for 3 franchise coins. Whatever. Everything has relative value here. And most importantly, franchise coins are used to purchase franchise players. But now the value of the player changes. This marketing system would bring balance back to the game for higher-tiered players that throw out drinks and don't even open draft picks anymore. This would make them useful for us. It's a complex structure though, and would likely be something to look forward to in 2021.
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