X- factor question

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What does the number in the blue box in the right corner mean?


  • DFBBDFBB Registered Users, Moderators, Member, Moderator 6,060 Posts
    If it shows zero, it means that it hasn’t been used before. If there’s a number next to it, it means that it’s been used and there will be a cost associated with re-equipping it. As an example, below is two sets of level 6 bg xfactors. As you can see, I have four level 6s that I’ve already used once. 

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    Does anyone have a chart of the cost of re-equipping X-Factor skills?
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    But why, aside from the usual GLU greed, does it need to cost gold to acquire them and then to equip it on different players? I get if you have multiple like Alex's example that it is not a huge thing but if I have one 6 and one 8 I shouldn't, in my finite mind, have to either buy the box and hope or spend 15 and up to re-equip. Just my two cents that mean nothing. 
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    Thanks , that kinda sucks having to spend more gold every time you use it !
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