Weekend Blue Cash Box

bigmeatpetebigmeatpete Registered Users, Member 48 Posts
Does anyone know why the weekend blue cash box is only available on Sunday now? Even though the player wasn't great at least there was bxp, pxp, wraps and franchise coins. It would be nice to see these boxes make a comeback. 


  • KCTribeKCTribe Registered Users, Member 262 Posts
    I agree with you. I seem to build up cash way quicker than I can spend it, so I typically buy all 10 of the available boxes on Sunday just to build up on resources I have more need for. If only I could build up real-life cash that easily...
  • mastodonrocksmastodonrocks Registered Users, Member 55 Posts
    It's a strange box.  Offering up a low-level player at the end of the weekend.  I always buy for resources and wish I could buy more but what I do is hope I don't get the player then I stop buying at 9.  
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