How about that club challenge?

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So anyone here anyway got it in the bag? I'm a casual player but I'd like to suggest be able to get the first tier. Anyone have a club that can get atleast to the first one?

If you leave your club your in are you not eligible for it?

Blazinit420 is my club, feel free to check it out.


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    I'm likewise confronting issues that way. I'm an easygoing player however I'd prefer to propose to have the option to get the primary level. Bazoocam Anybody has a club that can get at any rate to the first. Chatiw 
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    there doesn't seem to be a club with the name you say, please check back and let me know as soon as possible. Hope you reply soon. thanks cookie clicker
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    The goal of Club Challenge is to encourage people to use the power of social engagement to make friends and advance their own personal objectives. 
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