Who is the Best 610 option at each position?

RainOnMyParadeRainOnMyParade Registered Users, Member 117 Posts
Here is a list of all of the 610's in the collection.  It includes unicorn Davey Johnson.  Who do you think is the best at each position?
c Bench HH FP Berra RHP RO Tenace HH RO Hoiles HH RISP   Carter RO RO
1b Foxx RO RO Snow RHP RHP Olerud RHP RHP Hrbek RHP FP Gehrig RO RISP
2b Robinson HH RISP Hornsby HH Richardson LHP RO White RO BO Knoblauch LI BO Johnson FP FP Morgan RHP RHP
ss Yount BO FP Wagner LHP HH Banks BO LI Ripken HH RO
3b Mike Schmidt HH LHP Robinson LHP RO Sabo LO HH Jones RO RO
of Slaughter HH RISP Mantle HH BO Dimaggio HH RO Aaron HH HH Williams RHP HH   Ruth RHP RO   Damon FP HH
Ankiel HH BO Gwynn RHP RHP Jackson RHP RISP Green RHP HH Irvin HH HH Wynn HH LHP Minoso BO BO
Musial HH HH Cobb RHP RHP Mays HH HH Kaline FP RO

I'm going with 
C - Bench
1B - Hrbek
2b - Morgan
SS - Ripken
3B - Schmidt (I am biased, his is my all time favorite) I would pick Jones otherwise
OF - Gwynn, Aaron, Ruth


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    TakeMeOutToTheBallTakeMeOutToTheBall Registered Users, Member 171 Posts
    Do you value bonus games or WOH?
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    RainOnMyParadeRainOnMyParade Registered Users, Member 117 Posts
    Me personally I prefer WOH and cvc.  I think each of us plays a little different, so I thought their might be a variety of oppinions.
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