Forming a relax club in ‘21 for vip and dedicated players

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Hi, just putting it out there that when full release of TSB ‘21 arrives, I’ll be creating two clubs to be relax play and your own pace/style. I’m taking a significant step back this season as frankly, I just can’t afford to keep up financially to compete to beat of my abilities. 
I’m sure there are many others who are just worn out from the grind as well and hopefully also would enjoy being part of a relaxed club with no pressure to spend or be rank for top spot daily. 
Play at your pace. Want to kill it? Awesome. Need a chill day? No problem.

Clubs will be open if you want a vacation from main clubs as well.

If this sounds interesting to you, please respond back in this thread, in game to WackGoneLoco in ‘20 or ‘21, or by LINE app (wesleywack is my ID) to give me a heads up.

Thanks and hopefully look forward to playing with some of you from this. Best wishes in game and more importantly, in life.

- Wes (WackGoneLoco)

P.s. I’ll have names of the clubs when my two holders get the game when it arrives in USA.


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    Sounds good, pretty much how I'm ending the season in my current club. VIP, solid player, strong at woh.
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    First Club is ready and called Wacks Lodge (work in progress title). Look up player namebWackJr to join from there if club doesn’t show up in search.

    Please join and let’s show all you don’t need to go broke and/or devote your life to TSB to be successful!

    Thanks Again and happy tapping!
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