No bash rewards then no club.

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I’ve been playing this year different playing solo. After the first bash I didn’t receive rewards not that big of deal. Send a message to CS was playing WoH after the last power hour and got the dreaded need restart. Reload the game and now I’m not in a club.  I worked hard on Wednesday to get the discount and was planning on taking my solo club minors to majors this weekend.  Now I’m not in a club.  This is final straw for me.  Thanks Glu for the chance to waist my time and $$$$ on this shitty game. At least I was able to meet some interesting people on LINE.  @TyroneEastwood I will visit your place one day.  @2020KC use better bread and I would have a sandwich with you. 


  • GordonBombayGordonBombay Registered Users, Member 107 Posts
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    I should have mentioned I got the bash rewards. But I’m without a club.  
  • mythicaldragonmythicaldragon Registered Users, Member 2,389 Posts
    Hate to hear that for you @GordonBombay.
    Absolute disaster of weekend so far. Wow.. 
    I know things happen but damn. It’s comical.
    I almost talked myself into FP and some specials and dropping some gold.. then the latest disaster struck. yup I think I’m gonna sit this one out. I’m good  👌🏻 
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    I just messaged Glu too. They did post in-game message that they had various prize issues and would compensate later for CVC etc. Nice of them to communicate a Glu-up so fast, but this morning opened game expecting winners prize and sadly received the losing 500pxp. Figure they’ll ask for notarized screen shots & video evidence, which I don’t have because who can anticipate this 💩
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