Franchise player problem

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this may be an easy fix but im fairly new to TSB. I have a franchise player that was forced on me when i first started playing. he has 1 game left to play but he wont appear in any of my lineups. he is not better than the current player in what would be his position. how do i use him to get rid of him? 


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    He won’t disappear until you put a lower overall player than the franchise player in that position.... so put lower overall in and and play 1 game and he’ll be gone 👍🏻
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    you can also try going to the game day tab and setting roster decision to current. that’s helped me in the past.
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    If you don't have a crappy player to put in that position just draft a few low round picks and you should get one.
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    then delete your account and move on to MLB21 the show
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