'22 Wish List

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Hi guys, I've been jotting down stuff for the past 2 versions or so and it's not helping anyone sitting in a Notepad file.
So here is my braindump of things I think would greatly improve the game.
Keep up the hard work, I know you get slammed a lot in Global, but at least I love you :smile:

Please no more single franchise coins for tourney wins, make it like 5 evo or just get rid of it. 

Add a 4th and 5th Line-Up option (love line-ups, I thirst for moooreee) 

Give the option to steal later in the at bat  

Provide an option to invite people to your club from private chat.  (some users have complicated names, a one touch invite would be sweeet) 

A slider for opening multiple draft pick boxes (it's time)  

Allow us to trade-in keepers after a certain time (after a while they don't get used because they are too expensive to level and we can use the XP) 

Allow us to trade-in unused moments ( just like x-factors) 

X-factor for Barrel House (like WOH x-factor works in Rally) 

No more hide and seek of WOH in multi events. WOH is time consuming and people have lives and
sometimes when there is a window to a play a few rounds it's not available. 

Better odds for getting boxes/bonus games/ice packs in Player Shop. 

Allow us to the choice to tag up or not in CVC and WOH. 
Many times a runner is stopped on third automatically when they would
have made it home. Or I pop fly out with only 1 out and a runner on 3rd who
could tag up and win the game (it only works for tying the game) 

When videos "aren't available" for boosts and continuations let us try again instead of it graying out. 

Carry over players from weekend into the following weeks contests.
We use lots of XP and cash only to never need most of those players again.
Most weekends I get 5-6 great players who I can't use on Monday. 

Allow us to pause cvc. (interruptions happen)  

If cvc and extra bases overlap, keep video boosts separate.
Watching a video for boosting cvc shouldn't mean we can't watch a video boosting for extra bases as well. 

Bring back Surveys and Amazon prime gaming rewards.  

and of course.. More Cowbell! 

Thanks for reading my ramblings!


  • [Glu Sports] blueleopard[Glu Sports] blueleopard Administrator, Moderators 812 Posts
    Noting all these.  Thanks.

    As for the Prime Gaming Rewards, yeah, maybe when the platform holders make up there.
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