Match Me mode is hosed up

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Based on recent experience - it seems that the Match Me mode is hosed up.
I played a few games yesterday with a club mate of similar team strength. Each game was a total lopsided blowout - like 30-2.....something that shouldn't happen given the similar team strengths that we share (both Champ tier teams, with capped d10 players and pitchers).
What I noticed when I initiated the game play was that on the pregame welcome screen - my opponents D10 Kershaw was shown as a 77 overall pitcher (he should have been like 300 overall) - and that his team strength was devalued down to like 88k....(should have been like 130k). In this instance - my team crushed him in a blowout win. The previous matchup - my opponent initiated - and he drew my capped keeper ATG Maddux. And he totally obliterated Maddux scoring like 20 runs on him in the first couple innings. This shouldn't be happening. 

So - here is what I think is happening - the team that is initiating the Match Me game is getting an overall advantage - as though the opponent is playing with the old "Atari difficulty" switch on.

Anyways - would like to see what others are experiencing with this mode......


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    Reporting this as feedback as I don't really see any other complaints in the same light.
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