Is it me or is this game just not fun anymore



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    Piglet1899Piglet1899 Registered Users, Member 220 Posts
    I complained to CS about bring unable to get into the game again. I only had any interest in olaying at all because it was VIP weekend and to tell my clubmates that I would only play rarely, if at all, in future. 

    I decided to delete the app and reinstall but my FB log in attempts wouldn’t work. A reply took 24 hours. I gave them my username, club, keepers and 3 proofs of in-game purchase. Another 24 hours passed before they said they couldn’t read the screenshots and to send again. I told them to shove it. 

    I’m glad not to be the person the game turned me into. 

    In 2020 I got a call from work saying we were all being made redundant. An hour later I was spending real money on boxes chasing a player. 

    When the shops reopened after lockdown, my wife wanted to go shopping. We were quite a while as we had to queue everywhere. I was standing there working out how many prime games I’d missed out on playing. 

    If I went for a night out and missed a few hour’s playing time I’d get home and buy boxes that gave a gift to my clubmates as an apology for doing something else with my life. 

    I’d hurry home to ensure I was there to catch the 20* score on bonus games or the end of a Target Bash. 

    It was pathetic and it’s over. Good riddance. 
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    blueurmyboyblueurmyboy Registered Users, Member 36 Posts
    Looks like EA is trying to get everyone to follow your lead. 
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