What I'd like to see in '23

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Here we go! Enjoy and please consider these changes, for '23. 

Fix the glitch that allows people to turn off being blocked. It's pointless to block people if they can turn off being blocked especially if they are harassing someone. 

Bring champ coins back to Club Challenges.

Add a 4th and 5th Lineup option, pleasesse! (I can't stress how helpful this would be) 

Make moments individual to each lineup. 

Bring back the web option! 

More frequent double gold weekends, bring back Amazon, bring back gold reward offers (older versions still have them)

Award helmets for stat boosts. We get them for leveling and upgrades, why not for boosting stats. Award helmets for boxes opened in event shop as well. 

Offer ice packs in event shop for purchase (like evo and xp) 

Provide more options for earning/winning All-Star tickets that don't include spending.

Figure out Franchise players/coins. Either use them or get rid  of them. Coins are great for Extra Bases but franchise players 
are useless now because they are never updated. 

Fix whatever slowed down opening of draft picks. We used to be able to rapidly tap to open them and now it's painfully slow and keeps moving to other tabs because it  can't keep up. Or provide a slider for opening draft pick boxes that is not just for just resources. Sometimes we need the xp from opening those players. 

Give the option to steal later in the at bat, not just before the first pitch.   

Provide an option to invite players to your club from private chat, it would be so much easier to invite them to clubs instead of having to go back out and type in their user name. 

Allow us to trade in unused moments 

X-factor for Barrel House 

Give rally players level discount also 

Better odds for getting boxes/bonus games/ice packs in Player Shop. 

Allow us to the choice to tag up or not in CVC and WOH. Many times a runner is stopped on third automatically when they would have made it home or I pop fly out with 1 out and a runner on 3rd who could tag up and win the game (it only works for tying the game) 

Carry over 1-2 players from weekend into the following weeks contests. We use lots of XP and blue cash only to never need most of those players again. Most weekends we get 5-6 great players who we can't use on Monday. 

Allow us to pause cvc.  

If cvc and extra bases overlap, keep video boosts separate. Watching a video for boosting cvc shouldn't mean we can't watch a video boost for extra bases as well. 


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    Great suggestions.  I’d add ability to trade resources with a club mate 
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