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xracmanxracman Registered Users, Member 666 Posts
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Who's idea was it to create the "pitcher animations" of the pitcher throwing a tantrum when they give up an HR or get ball 4 called.  This is f'n stupid.  Anyone who has coached their kid in any sport has to cringe every time you see that.  Maybe this is represetning some kind of Gen Z entitlement thing or something...


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    ohkellynashohkellynash Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    The 'improvements' are just another way to break the game in their favor. Remember, this is getting tested, on some level, they know what their agenda is.  It's just not the customers anymore.
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    ohkellynashohkellynash Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    Last month potm is a perfect example of gaming gone bad.  They said the ratings WOULD NOT drop. Money was spent and strategies were adjusted because of this one minor improvement.  Today, the june potm were dropped in the middle of an event that tiers your players according to rating.  This was not an accident. We are dealing with high level theives.  We are outside of the refund policies so glu is untouchable.  They are robbing people by design.
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    COWPILEYCOWPILEY Registered Users, Member 825 Posts
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    Hmm. I fully expect the June POTMs to drop since May versions did after they said they would not, but mine have not yet. Still max 420. In any case, lesson learned is to screen shot any wild claims like “won’t drop” that lead you to spend. 
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    Taknadump111Taknadump111 Registered Users, Member 136 Posts
    They bumped them back up, and as always they sent me a message back about it stating "Sorry for the Confusion"! Confusion, Really!
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