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I've been VIP for a few years now and can't consistently get the VIP Newsletter Email.  The first year I became VIP I got the newsletter every month.  Since then, it became hit or miss and I've only received one of them this year.  I know it's nothing to do with my email.  My address has always been the same.  All of their addresses are on my safe list and I always check the Spam folder.  Plus, like I said, I did get one of them this year.  Customer service is absolutely no help, they just tell me that they updated my email which shouldn't even matter because it's always been the same.  It's pretty annoying.  Is there a trick to it or something?  Does it go by how active you are or how much you spend?  I know that sounds dumb, but you just never know with this game anymore.  Is anyone out there in a position to resolve this, or have a connection with at Glu?  I know there are several other VIP's that don't get the emails either.  So something must be up on Glu's end of things.  


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    I got an email but it had no content. Perhaps it contained full details of all the good things I’ve missed about the game in the 2 months since I last played it. 
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    This sounds on-par for the product they put out. Right @OGTAPKING_19 ?
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