Initial thoughts & an issue with the Draft Picks - Basic Draft case

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I downloaded this game on my OG Pixel phone a week or two ago after seeing an ad for it on Instagram of all places. And so far, so good on it remaining entertaining beyond the novelty of trying another WWE-licensed mobile game. I anticipate this being well-received when it gets the mega-push on WWE television.

Great variety and depth with the various wrestlers/superstars in the game, particularly considering the inherent limits relative to WWE licensing. It was really fun/unexpected to see Sid (Vicious) show up for the first time. There have been a few times where I've seen an unexpected wrestler for the first time in a Vs. match.

Superstar Billy Graham was probably the biggest surprise thus far, a "who is the guy with the mustache... wait, that's Superstar Billy Graham!" realization. Also interesting to run into situations like X-Pac vs. Brutus Beefcake, matchups I never really contemplated. And just now it was really cool to see a photo of a young Bruno Sammartino show up as the icon for Daily Deals.

The only complaint I have about the gameplay is the frustration with the rapid tap needed for a kickout, as furiously tapping my smartphone screen isn't particularly enjoyable. Though I understand the reasons for it being like that, with a finite amount of options for a mobile game that can be played on several devices. And at least this game can be played without too much screen tapping, which is one of my big issues with WWE Mayhem. The timing on the moving bar for signature/finishing moves in this game can be tricky, but in a good way, rewarding precision.

The storylines have been fun. Clearly this game has been designed by people who know the WWE product well, complete with the dialog that has been especially amusing at times and is usually better than the real-life version of WWE scripted promos in 2019.

One problem I've experienced within the past week: the Basic Draft briefcase openings in the Draft Picks section. Sometimes I open a case and it shows a frozen image that appears to be a John Cena indication, only it freezes the game up to the point where I have to hard-close it and reopen on every occurrence. But it doesn't happen every time, and I'm at a loss to explain the how/why of the glitch.

Note that I don't think I missed out on any prizes -- while I haven't taken a careful inventory to discover further, I had a silver star Rock card appear that I definitely would have remembered pulling from a briefcase. It was rather abrupt to go into Versus mode and see that The Rock had bumped Aiden English (smug photo version) from the top three male superstars in Roster Battle mode. Not a complaint, mind you. And earlier today, one of the frozen-opens seemed to produce a Dude Love pull that I noticed just now while looking over my roster.

I'm still figuring out some of it, particularly the various in-game currency options in the Daily Deals section. Is the second icon a spool of thread or a roll of cash? Battle Coins and Club Coins I understand since they are listed on the currencies page. And I appreciate the drop odds/percentages being listed. It actually makes me more likely to spend money on the game. If I'm going to chase a long-shot, I want to be able to consider the risk/reward element.

But this game has strong potential, and the artwork/animation work in particular was very well-done. Nice job.
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