Lost my early access

CornetteCornette Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
I accidentally deleted my game on my phone this morning, and thought "it should be fine, I can just re-download the game and sign in with my Facebook"

Turns out the early access is over. Now I'm pretty sure It screwed until the game's official release, but when it does get released, can I still log in with my Facebook? Hoping that's the case. Sucks I lose out on the next week or two of developing my roster, but as long as I can get back in to it later I'll be fine with that.

Any thoughts would be helpful, preferably if there's a way to download it again sooner than later. Thanks!


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    [Glu Sports] blueleopard[Glu Sports] blueleopard Administrator, Moderators 815 Posts
    You should still be able to login with your Facebook when the game officially launches, yes.
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