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I don't know where to post so I think that this category is the closest for this problem.
I am investing my RL money so I would like to link my account with facebook at least so I can make sure that I will not lose my account in case I delete my game, change phone or whatever. But there is no fb link option in game. So I decided to go to facebook using my PC and I visited your WWE Universe page, and you have there button where it says Start game. So I thought maybe I can link in that way. But when I click that button, it says you have to install fb gameroom. But I already have latest version and when I open that app, I can't find anything with name WWE UNIVERSE or WWE at all. So how to link my account? I think that there is bug because we should be able to find that game and play by using fb account I guess?


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    I'd recommend backing up your phone through E-Mail.  It's a lot easier for when the time comes to get a new phone.  It's fine if you do it with Facebook, but there are a lot of Facebook settings that need to be looked at, and their connectivity standards change all the time.
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    How do I get my account after I redownload game? Is it possible? I lost phone 
  • [Glu Sports] blueleopard[Glu Sports] blueleopard 418 PostsAdministrator, Moderators
    Get at Customer Care with your username and they should get you back up.
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