Obvious cheating in events

joshhurtjoshhurt Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
allister black event just started and second thru third has 30-40 k and dude in first who wasn’t there 20 mins prior now had 1.7 million ? Already ? Come on man ......this game won’t be worth playing and grinding or spending any money on it this is allowed to happen .....makes u not even wanna play ......so he either cheat or just spent hundreds of dollars on gold ....either way it’s bullshit 


  • TheYargTheYarg Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    For one thing. Like i said on the thread before. Didn't cheat. Had a silver xavier woods. Which gives a 400% bonus on each win. And i had 190k total. Not. I repeat not. 1.7 million. And they haven't even given out half of the aleister blacks. I haven't even gotten mine yet. Probably because you have accused me of cheating. Which i did not do. I have not been using my tokens. And used them on that event to buy refills. The bonus points stack. The second place guy was keeping up with me throughout the night. He was most likely asleep the last few hours. 
  • PMagnerPMagner Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I finished 3rd in the event  without any cheating. I spent $.99 on trainers and I think $2.99 on gold at the end for more energy.  I got lucky and pulled a gold Sting early and had a Xavier Woods.i had to grind the whole event. On my 7th consecutive win, I was pulling down 11K points.  I have yet to receive Black, either. 
  • FozzysucksFozzysucks Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Is this a running thing? People not receiving prizes that are won. I’ve dropped money on this game and after flicking through the forum its making me think I shouldn’t of
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