PvP Vs Battles

SlippySibleySlippySibley 28 PostsRegistered Users, Member
Not going to lie, i was super looking forward to booting up my game after it finished updating. Imagine my horror when not only do i realise that pvp battles now cost 5, yes 5 energy!! But we also now cannot complete a battle and rematch with the same player with the push of a button! I've probably played rematch after rematch with a minimum of at least 4 of the same players since i first started playing, its been fun to watch their roster power grow overtime. 
As it is trying to balance my daily energy is a struggle, but to +50% and then some to a vs battle? That's far too much!

Rip Vs battles, i think this update just killed you off a little bit!


  • Highroller299Highroller299 3 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Totally agree. I had a number of people I've been battling back and forth for some time, and it was fun and relatively cost-free. Also a great way to build up that vs cash. This update ruined that. Worse, I've been unable to get more than one vs at a time, since when I try to start a second one it tells me "unable to find a match" - or some such nonsense.

    Seriously annoying. That, the change in the trainer cases, and fact that the game robbed me of two consecutive top-10 roster battle individual prizes (and yes, I tried to collect them the right way) has really soured me on certain aspects of the game.

  • Red07DevilRed07Devil 18 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Its back to 2 energy
  • SlippySibleySlippySibley 28 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I'd like to think that that's because the devs listen to the playerbase, although I'm pretty sure it's just because the club event is done with now lol.
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