The whole game in general

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hey me again.

usually I do this with tickets to tell you guys but I figure at least if I post this here maybe other people will read and be like yeah he’s right.

lets start this off by saying I really think that you guys need to test your game before release. I’m not going to start with the update I’ll go back to summerslam event just recent. You released the event and it was glitched from the start allowing people to repeat tier 5 and get 1000 gems everytime you summed it. This was up for at least 5 hours. Then the other day you release this new update. 

This made the same glitch active again. So again you were able to repeat tier 5 for 1000 gems again this was roughly like this for 5 hours. Following me so far. Now this update is not a forced update so we now have 2 different versions of the game currently going on. Today you people pre update who can still roster battle then you have people post update who can only earn club points through gauntlet.

so you have clubs on leaderboards who are there because they can roster battle while the rest of us grind through the mess called gauntlet. Now we move on to gauntlet, now this is where you have me with game testers if you even use them which I currently think that you don’t or if you do they are rubbish and aren’t earning their pay.

Gauntlet good concept, terrible execution.
play one round just one round. You have to scroll to get to the other side of your roster to use your weaker players. This in itself is annoying but then once you pick one. You code it so it returns to the start and we have to do this again. Ok so let’s put this into a annoying equation for you say I get to level 10 in gauntlet, that’s 50 times I’ve had to flick my roster to get to the other side. Like I mentioned before it you played one round you would see how annoying this is. I’m not going to tell you how to fix I have posted in suggestions and recommendations above regarding this. So read that.

i was enjoying this game but now seeing as though you guys aren’t really testing anything before release and just keep releasing new superstars but not giving new rewards. Roster battle rewards have been the same everyday since I began playing at extreme rules. You haven’t even changed the stars or gear that’s available in the daily shops either. Rather you make us spend our money to acquire these stars make them ungrindable. I get you make everything to make people spend money. Your cases are stupid in regards to cash, trainers and especially gear. You have said amount chance to maybe get nothing or something and as everyone knows who has done this most of the time it is nothing. 

I don’t even understand why in gauntlet you won’t let us see what we are coming up against before we play. It’s not an actual player we are against. So why not let’s us choose when we can see them it’s just straight up stupid. I feel like you guys get your ideas like family guy from that South Park episode a dolphin in a tank just picking random bs. And please for the love of god watch some god damn wrestling or one guy who does. Because your missing the boat on a lot of things you could be making money off. Your just rehashing things that other games have already and not even well. You haven’t even stopped mods 😢😢😢. That alone I thought you would have stopped by now considering if you are driven by money. That’s costing you in that sense.

Anyway I just needed to get that off my chest. A frustrated gamer if it wasn’t for some of the lads in global and my club I probably would of stopped playing. But maybe somewhere you think about the community and realise how good this game could actually be but without us it’s nothing.



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    I spent about a week on a completely different issue regarding Gauntlet.  However, every time I think they finally understood my issue, they came back with an answer to a question I did not ask and expected to close the issue on that.  Three days ago, I thought they finally understood the issue that I found and told me they would discuss it with their development team.  Today, they just decided to give me an answer to a completely unrelated question.

    dolphziggilo, I hope you have much better luck than I did.  I started this game with four other friends.  As of today, all my friends have left this game with most going back to the other mobile game where we met.

    Overall, this game should have been good.  The microtransaction ambushes should have been my first clue that something was amiss.  The technical issues and the laughable excuse for customer service pretty much confirms that this game won't be around for very long at the rate it's going.
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    Lol good to see them reply to you.

    game is broken and they dont give a shit
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    Yeh, they won’t respond. It took someone 6 days to say that gauntlet was getting fixed. But hey at least they listened about something and changed it. 
  • dolphziggilodolphziggilo Registered Users, Member 22 Posts
    They probably just read the title of the post and chose not to even read it. I even sent a ticket after I posted this and when they answered. I asked if they could get someone to reply to my post and they said that they couldn’t do it.
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    All they care about is money.

     They need to employ someone to work in this forum posting replies. At end of the day that is the link between the players and the developers

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    I'm the guy that replies.  A lot of what's put on here is the same thing over and over, and if I keep telling the devs the same thing over and over, it becomes routine.  Complain about something new and it'll be easier for me to get attention.

    If it's worth it, it'll get looked at.  Just like the whole organizing of the Superstars for Gauntlet thing.  That got fixed.  Bang, boom, pow.  It could've been faster, but there are checks at balances we have to get through our internal teams, WWE, Google, and Apple.  That's a lot of approvals.

    In regards to us testing. of course we're doing that.  We're not going to type up code and then just submit it as is.  Multiple people are working on various issues of the builds at the same time.  Any line of code can reverse any line of previous code that was already saved.  This kind of stuff happens.  That's why your feedback is important so can locate the problem and fix them.

    We're on your side here.  We want this game to be great, but just like with everything else, there are processes we have to go through.  Rome wasn't built in a day.
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    It’s all good bro, it’s not an attack on you personally at the time of original post I was just frustrated. I understand you guys have a lot of things going on. We just don’t know if you hear us sometimes. But it’s good that you replied. I appreciate that
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