Start Taking This Game Seriously!

hufstetlerhufstetler Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
Who’s running this game? A circus of monkeys? Vince McMahon? It’s getting terrible by the day! Support doesn’t care about addressing true issues and concerns. People are quitting on the daily. Glu can’t even get the event bonus structure correct. No one truly knows how the power adjustment is determined in Gauntlet. Can’t ever get an explanation from the developers. We have Pete Dunn being advertised as Rey Mysterio and Glu can’t make up its mind what power to have a superstar so they make 5 versions of the very same character, thus confusing themselves and the player with Charismatic Brie Bella for Cunning Brie Bella. The new Trish Stratus isn’t event available in the game yet she’s a bonus for the event. I mean, COME ON MAN! People spend money on this game! Get it right!


  • dogtrashdogtrash Registered Users, Member 20 Posts
    100% agree.     The bugs, the glitches, the higher prices for upgrading superstars and the lower percentage for getting the gold event guy, Pete Dunne,  2% ! Not like the previous 3% was so rewarding but now it's insulting and greedy.     Come on guys,  you have a community of wrestling freaks but you're pushing away us players 
  • hufstetlerhufstetler Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
    You know, majority on the base wants to like this game. Has potential to be a top 10 mobile game. However, Glu needs to recognize the potential of this game. It’s time for them to take some pride in it and make the necessary adjustments. I want to see it succeed!
  • dogtrashdogtrash Registered Users, Member 20 Posts
    Another tiny complaint \ improvement suggestion, the new price for unlocking gold speical event characters is too much. Used to be 10K tokens,  raised to 15k and now 20k.   There is no incenstive in finishing the the top tiers (10,11...) and upgrade new characters because the new gold can't be obtained directly and even grinding for the tokens can't get to 20k.... it just shouts "Buy tokens using your money"
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